Monday Montage: The Week of Love

Monday Montage: The Week of Love


The weekend is over. Fort Collins doesn’t stop just because the weekend does. There is sweet gems of live music, art shows, craft beer tastings, and journalistic events every day of the week.

Some highlights this week are from bands like the Lumineers, photojournalism projects,  some Athens Rock, and lots and lots of love.

Plan your week with the Monday Montage:

2/13 Monday: Singles Night at Snowbank Brewing with Denver Band One Way Ride. Beer Tasting, Food Truck, Live Music, Singles, SnowBank Brewery, free

2/14 Tuesday: Valentines Day at New Belgium Brewing with Stelth Ulvan of Dovekins currently touring with Lumineers. Denver Indie Music, Chocolate, and Beer Tasting, New Belgium Brewery, free

2/15 Wednesday: Trees, Water, & People Communities in Action Photo Exhibit featuring journalist Jeff Abbott. social movements and human rights, photojournalism, fundraiser, beer tasting, snacks, Horse and Dragon Brewery, entry fee

2/15 Wednesday: Storytellers Project seven stories told about love & heartbreak hosted by the Coloradoan and Wolverine Farm at the Downtown Artery. oral storytelling and journalism, community-building, bar, tickets purchased in advance

2/16 Thursday: Drop of Productions presents Future Birds at Lyric Cinema. Athens Rock, Indie Film Cafe, Tickets in Advance, Bar

2/17 Friday: Discovery After Dark: Archer & Tripp and More Than Physics at Otterbox Digital Dome Theatrelive ambient melodic percussions, audio-reactive visuals, modern technology and ancient ethereal music, tickets purchased in advance.

2/18 Saturday: IMPACT Dance Company presents Wo/men & Song at the Music District.Dance, Tickets in Advance, diverse choreographic work and music; classical instrumentation,  improvisation, and live vocalization.

2/19 Sunday: Her Story Worry & Fear at the Articulate. Women, Community Building,  how to live with a hopeful perspective, free, coffee, storyteller

Step out every single night of the week to strengthen the community and enjoy something new.There is plenty more to do in this town beyond what is listed. Seek something out that fuels your flame.


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