A 31 Year Celebration for Big Head Todd

A 31 Year Celebration for Big Head Todd


Big Head Todd originated in the great state of Colorado. They got their feet wet in the Poudre in the early years. Big Head Todd will play a sold-out show sponsored by the Colorado Sound at the Aggie theatre on Dec.21 for their hometown crowd. The band went to Columbine High School together. Lead vocal and guitarist Todd Mohr spread his wings to Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Drummer/vocalist Brian Neven and Bass/vocal Rob Squires attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. The trio has toured extensively along the Front Range as Big Head Todd and the Monsters since 1987.

Todd talks about coming back to the Fort:

“The band grew up in Colorado and I went to school at CSU for a spell.  Fort Collins was one of the early adopters for our band and it feels terrific to come home!”

They have a new Album, New World Arisin’ that sticks to their roots but exemplifies a maturity and synchronicity only a band who grew up together can produce.

After so many years of playing music together there comes an evolution of sorts. Morh says, “This tour represents success for us as a band in many ways.  Firstly we have been together for over 31 years, and we still love what we do.  Secondly and more significantly, we still have fans that want to hear the music we are creating currently.  It’s one thing to survive but its quite another to be putting out great new material. I don’t know that our music has evolved, but I would hope that we’ve gotten better as a band.  I know I’ve gotten to be a better musician because I am really starting to enjoy learning!”

His favorite thing to do when visiting Fort Collins is to fish Poudre Canyon.

As for the music ecosystem in Colorado, Todd is grateful to be one of the significant successes. He says: “Colorado is a great place as a home for any band because there are so many music lovers and it seems concerts are a way of life.  There are also incredible venues – Red Rocks for one.”

For any band wanting to grow and thrive in the Front Range, Todd offers his expertise:


“My advice to young bands is to develop a great relationship with your audience.  Also I suggest focusing on songs and songwriting.  Probably one of the main things most new bands neglect.”

Big Head Todd and the Monsters paved the road for the Colorado Music Scene. To see them live on Dec. 21st visit the Aggie theatre for tickets.


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