Knick’s & Crannies

Knick’s & Crannies

Alexandria Wilson is a multi-passionate creative specializing in food and the art of cuisine. She is a local artpreneur who works in hospitality and upscale fine dining. Alex has a unique and experienced palate whose first origin is Georgia Southern. She has traveled and cooked and grown her own food. Alexandria will explore the Nooks & Crannies in Fort Collins and dabble in unique locations with oddities and knick-knacks.

“I was born in Georgia but raised in Fort Collins at age 8. Since moving away; I have been searching for the best food and the food that creates the Colorado culture,” says Alexandria.

She has worked inside several bars and local restaurants and is very involved in the food scene here in town. She will even be at the Farmer’s Market in Old Town this summer with her art.

“The turnover for food in Colorado is high, but there are staples, secret spots, trucks, and hidden coffee spots that have curated a secret underground food world, and I want to take everyone with me to them,” says Alex. “I grew up in a culinary environment and food is my primary love language.”

Alexandria strives to find the best spots in Fort Collins, so you don’t have to do all the digging. She says, “welcome to a world where the flavor comes first, and food can excite all of your senses.”

Interested in hosting Alexandria? She will bring a friend best situated for the cuisine and atmosphere and a professional photographer (sometimes.) She will plan the visit.

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