A Win: Grab-n-Go Snowfox Sushi Meets Hunger and Art Head On

Grab and Go Sushi at grocery store sushi kiosks, fill both an educational and culinary void in Americans’ sushi consumption. Snowfox offers franchises for sushi entrepreneurs, along with a two week training course at its Houston headquarters. After passing a food licensing examination, franchise investors are granted a certificate. This opportunity offers freedom for many refugees to own their business and develop a lifelong skill, empowering them to be self sufficient.

OZO Good: Planterra Foods Takes the High Road to Launch Plant-based Food Line-up

When the 40-year old plant-based protein company, Lightlife Foods, took a swing at its competitors Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods in an open letter assailing the plant-based category newcomers about product processing methods and ingredients, as the newest kid on the block, Planterra Foods’ CEO Darcey Macken saw an opportunity in her response.

Big Trouble Little Dumpling Opens with Socially Distanced Driveway Soup Kitchen

If you ask Sam Graf, he’ll tell you dumplings are the perfect food. In fact, he’ll tell you he doesn’t think he’s met anybody who doesn’t like dumplings. This isn’t an idle statement. Graf will also tell you how the dumplings he cooks in his driveway never stick around for long.

Graf has spent ten years exploring dumpling houses. Growing up, he ate potstickers, typically the frozen ones. His first taste of an authentic Asian dumpling was in New York City, in a counter shop lined by steam tables filled with dumplings. You pick out a bunch and they go into a box. From Chicago dim sum to SoHo, Graf has sampled dumplings in big cities and dumplings cooked in shacks to experience the art form. Learning along the way, it reaffirmed he was on the right track but still had to taste more.

Worth taking a lick: Wiley Roots’ beer ice cream is silky smooth and tingling with alcohol

If it was possible to serve a kettle-soured base beer swirled with fruit purée in beer goblets from an on-site commercial-grade slushie machine, why not go the next step and serve alcoholic, soft-serve beer-infused ice cream in cones?