The Silver Lining Magazine LLC.

Quarter Long Promo – for Social Enterprise

All I want to do is empty my emerald filled pockets on this tear stained world -Hafiz

Quarter Long Promo – for Social Enterprise

Advertising on Calendar

Your product has a guide and we can feature fresh rotating content catered to your needs.

Marketing Partnership 3 months

Build a collaborative impact media campaign we share in our channel for three months with no charge. We just want to be creative and support your mission with you.

Product Placement on Socials

Product placement in images and video sharing about your mission and how you are making a difference.

Native Ads

Native Ads on our site for one quarter.

In-Kind Partnerships

In limited capacity, some in-kind partnerships are available. Products are accepted as gear support, testing, for placements and for give-aways.

Sometimes services are traded. In all instances everyone is getting a fair trade and in-kind partnership not exploited or devalued in any way.

Let’s build something great together.