Children Battling Critical Illness Get the Gift of Music

Children Battling Critical Illness Get the Gift of Music

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Clark Hodge is the Executive Director of Chase the Music. Chase the Music has original music composed and performed for kids battling critical conditions. Hodge spent the majority of his life working in High Tech. Now Clark spends his day’s enriching lives through music with his non-profit.

Five years ago Clark met a little girl diagnosed with Leukemia and his world view was altered dramatically. He wanted to comfort her in some way. He thought a stuffed animal might do the trick. When a child is sick, they get dozens of soft teddy bears.  Clark realized the gift he wanted to give was music.

He connected the Colorado Symphony and Orchestra with the little girl, and together they wrote a song. A unique event held in her honor served as the unveiling of the song with close friends and family in attendance.

That little girl was Lauren. She told Hodge:

“Clark, I’m never going to stop smiling.” – Lauren, age 5, Leukemia

It changed Lauren’s life to have the opportunity to compose her own piece of music. It also moved Clark so deeply that he started the non-profit that pairs composers with critically ill children. He hopes to help many more children like Lauren.

Chase the Music is expanding its model and growing so that it will go beyond Clark’s circle. This summer a pilot program is launching in another country.

Music offers a special kind of healing. According to Cancer Research in the UK,

“Some studies show that music therapy can help children with cancer to cope, by encouraging them to cooperate and communicate.”

Music can alter a mood, evoke a feeling, serve as a reminder of a particular time, or just be a vehicle for peace. Music is a gift that truly keeps on giving for a lifetime.

“Music therapy can help people with cancer improve their quality of life. It can also help to reduce some cancer symptoms, and side effects of treatment.” –Cancer Research UK

Not only does the music touch the child and the family but also the artist is impacted. The audience fills the room with love for the child at the event. The whole process is healing and makes the child feel like a rock star. The event includes the family as a whole, knowing they are all going through a very traumatic experience. There is food, drink, and a presentation that honors the child in the critical condition.It is a true celebration of life. These have been very special moments to previous recipients.

To learn more about the organization or to get involved visit Chase the Music.



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