Road trip destination: Santa Fe, NM

Road trip destination: Santa Fe, NM

I don’t know about you all, but I miss traveling. I miss getting up at the 2 a.m. just to make it to Denver International Airport (DIA) for my why-did-I-book-this 7 a.m. flight. I miss cramming all my clothes into my Topo Designs Klettersack because it fits perfectly underneath the seats on a cheap Frontier Airlines flight. I miss experiencing a new city, if only for 48 hours, and then flying back home on the Sunday red-eye to make an 8:30 a.m. meeting in Old Town. 

I miss all of these things, but in the current world we live in, getting on a flight really isn’t in the cards (at least in my comfort zone) so to get that travel buzz in a COVID-19 environment, my partner, pup and I loaded up the car and drove six hours to Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Side-note, any travel right now should be done safely, with a mask and socially distanced. Try to travel with just those in your household and not linger in areas with low populations.

Our main mission for our Santa Fe weekend was exploring the mountain bike trails. And if time, grab some green chili. 

First trail destination: Galisteo Basin. This trail system was seriously rad. It was definitely beginner-friendly, with some hills, obstacles and great views. In total we did about 8 miles by completing a big loop. There’s a few offshoots you can take to make the ride longer or shorter. Parking is free but does get a bit full depending on when you go. 

Mountain biking
Photo by Jarad Heintzelman

 Hydrate with beers at Santa Fe Brewing Company. Tables are all spaced apart outside and masks are required. 

Day two kicked-off with an easy rolling ride on the Santa Fe Railroad Trail. You can access this trail from town or park at the Rabbit Road trailhead. The trail follows the railroad on a loose gravel path. There are a few hills, but overall beginner friendly. 

Hydrate with a brew at Second Street Brewery. Plenty of spaced outdoor seating with masks required. 

Before making the trek back to the Front Range we rode for a bit at La Tierra. Some locals ride right to these trails from town, but you can also park on-site. A lot of trails connect here, so make sure you have a route in mind before hopping on your bike. We made the mistake of getting lost a few (a bunch) of times. 

On the way out of town grab a burrito with extra green chili (and Fanta) at Andale! to fuel your ride back to the Front Range. 

Exploring Santa Fe? Make sure to tag @argentostudios in your road trip adventures.

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