Sober curious and still indulging

Sober curious and still indulging

The option of non-alcoholic drinks has always been the unicorn of the beverage world. Endless days of ordering sugary sodas and lemonades and, of course, the go-to for most is water. These days are ending, as a rise of the sober-curious crowd, and dry January extends to a permanent lifestyle change. There is a significant need for more than just water in a wine glass. Three Spirit Drinks is a brand from the UK creating beverages that taste good and feel good without the alcohol and just launched in Colorado this month.

“Alcohol has long been the wingman of these connections, but in the age of self-driving cars, meat-free meat, and missions to Mars, we felt it was high time there was a better way to feel good that didn’t ruin Monday or mean settling for soda/spirit imitations,” says Tatiana Mercer, co-founder of Three Spirit.

“Three Spirit concocted a ‘three-part’ drink series focusing on what is on the inside of the bottle rather than what has to be removed,” says Tatiana. The Spirits contain herbs, fruits and botanicals used in ancient ceremonies for centuries. These drinks perfectly encompass botanicals perfect for nights out, Sunday brunches, after-dinner drinks, or that afternoon cookout. 

Each plant has different processing needs. Each of the three bottles contains unique botanical ‘potions’ that create savory, earthy drinks that linger in flavor and feel. Three Spirit extracts the best in taste and function from each plant using a blend of “traditional distillation maceration fermenting infusion and extraction using gentle processes. A few of them are low-temperature vacuum distillation and carbon dioxide extraction,” says Tatiana.

The subtle but the calming feeling of the Nightcap is perfectly balanced by the giggly sense of the social elixir, and the Livener brightens you right up. Usually, taste and feel are the compromises in non-alcoholic beverages, but Three Spirit does not skimp on either. 

 The sacred ingredients brewed into these drinks are unlike any other NA beverage and an excellent supplement to any interested party. Starting this month, you can pick the spirits up at Awake Bar in Denver.  

Tatiana hopes to expand into more regions and expand their product line as the sober curious movement continues to rise in America and world-wide.

“We wanted to create a liquid that we’d want to drink ourselves, which meant it had to deliver on flavor, mouth feel, impact and pleasure,” says Tatiana. The company wanted to create liquids that would work with simple mixers and in more complex serves with mouth feel and body to enjoy neat. These are all gluten-free and vegetarian products that contain a range of ingredients from Schisandra berries to coconut vinegar that you won’t find anywhere else in the low/no sector.

Many NA beverage options available locally at Lucky’s Market if you can’t make it to Denver. Three Spirit offers something new to the NA beverage world. It is exciting to enjoy a beverage that has herbal healing in mind.

Drinking sober mocktails do not have to be boring and tasteless any longer! 

Enjoy all your favorite parties and get-togethers with unique, exciting drinks. Welcome to 2021 full of healthy and happy nights out, followed by full productive mornings. 

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