“Harder to Believe,” The Burroughs

“Harder to Believe,” The Burroughs

Colorado-based band, The Burroughs release their new single, “Harder to Believe,” today on your sources for new music. The single is part of Honey Imastar, the band’s first full-length album produced since 2018’s Got To Feel, set to go on Friday, June 2nd, 2023.

“The stories woven into this album encompass so many massive changes we’ve weathered together over the past several years as individuals and as friends,” says the band’s saxophonist Briana Harris. “In many ways it’s our most vulnerable work we’ve ever made.”

Harder to Believe, Written by Johnny Burroughs, Briana Harris, Hayden Farr, and The Burroughs. Performed by The Burroughs. Video Directed and edited by Johnny Burroughs.
Shot by Johnny Burroughs

The Burroughs have been working hard on their latest project, a sprawling concept album, “Honey Imastar,” set to hit the airwaves on Friday, June 2nd, 2023. Johnny Burroughs and the band members penned and self-recorded it at the renowned Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, CO, with the help of their trusted engineer and frequent collaborator, Colin Bricker. As a testament to their artistic vision, the album was self-produced by Johnny Burroughs, Brian Claxton, and Briana Harris, and promised to be a masterpiece.

For over a decade, The Burroughs have evolved from a humble band covering soul standards in their unlikely hometown of Greeley, Colorado, to a 9-piece act that defies odds and transcends categorization. Their signature “sweaty soul music” brand has lit up stages nationwide since 2013, inviting audiences to dance, celebrate, and connect under a unifying and infectious groove. Bandleader Johnny Burroughs and his powerhouse backing band, which includes sizzling horns and a versatile rhythm section, draw inspiration from diverse artists, from Stevie Wonder to Beyonce. Together, they have become a formidable creative collective focused on finding an original voice. The band’s undeniable chemistry on stage is a product of real-life relationships and innovative partnerships. In an industry focused on individual stardom, The Burroughs forge their path by prioritizing music made in the community.

The Burroughs are:

Alec Bell – Trumpet

Briana Harris – Alto Saxophone

Hayden Farr – Baritone Saxophone

Jeremy Fallis – Trombone

Brian Claxton – Bass

Mary Claxton – Drums/Vocals

Jack McManaman – Guitar

Spencer Zweifel – Keys

Johnny Burroughs  – Vocals

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