Tallgrass:Songs of Happiness and Sorrow

Tallgrass:Songs of Happiness and Sorrow


Adam Morford, Austin Morford, and Matt Skinner make up the eclectic band Tallgrass. This band delivers riveting melodies, three-piece harmonies, and transformative ways to provide sound. They are an auditory delight.  The way they bend sound and structure songs are like a metamorphosis of music. It is conceptually built to delight and challenge what you have ever thought a song could be.

 Morford, percussionist, and producer speaks about the band,
“Tallgrass was the first project I had been in that allowed me to be myself.  My quest for sounds was encouraged.”


Adam goes beyond a drum kit and sticks. His musicianship showcases obscure objects and altering the methods of playing the kit. It is no rare sight to see him bust out various sizes of bows to stride across the symbols to make a melodic steel melody.  Those sounds he has been encouraged to play have set him a sail on a discovery beyond just playing percussion. He has begun a design studio called Morfbeats where he creates original percussion pieces for others.



Adam talks about the process,
“This eventually led to the idea of me building percussion from scratch to produce sounds I wanted to hear and use.  A few days after I began I started to make instruments with promising tones.  From there I have just let my imagination run wild, and it has allowed for me to work and perform with some of my favorite musicians.”



Tallgrass writes and performs original music. They are currently in production of their 3rd album, laughing. As they have taken their time for this concept album, they hosted many guest artist to play. This collaboration led to Tallgrass producing other local artist albums from their home studio.



They have shared the stage with President Barack Obama, Melissa Etheridge, Sublime with Rome, The White Buffalo, and The Ben Miller Band, Ben Sollee, and so many others. The evolution of this band can be one for the records. They are not stopping and only getting better each day.
When a band can write, perform, produce, manage, tour, and build instruments, you have a rare find. There is a uniqueness about their gifts. They are humble with their approach.
Adam’s great words of inspiration to anyone pursuing creative arts is,




“Be honest and sincere in what you do and you will find your true potential.”




Things are connected, and one decision can quickly lead you into the direction of your dreams. Your gifts will shine if you stick to it. Something is waiting for you to take that chance.




What is on the horizon for Tallgrass?

The calendar has only a few dates posted. Hopefully, that means lots of work and surprises to come. These guys are hard working with the potential for anything.









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