Arts Initiative in the North Fort

Arts Initiative in the North Fort

Music Creates Community is the topic of discussion, and three organizations have come together to build the case: The City of Fort Collins, Create Places, and Youth Art Connections. The very first initiative was presented at lunch and learn event at the Music District on September 28, 2016.

This new arts initiative has been born from a collaboration between Ann Denny of YAC and Andrew Schnider of Create places. Ann has a growing organization in Canada that has proven results to bring change into these communities that may be invisible. As Ann puts it she, “lends out my white privilege” to those people who may not be able to get a seat before the decision makers. Her strong views and appreciation for the art of diverse communities have been rewarded and changed the ecosystem in Canada. She hopes to help the North Fort become a thriving arts community that empowers the youth to become leaders in their neighborhoods and even out into the world.

Andrew Schnider has been a staple in the Fort Collins creative scene. He is a filmmaker and a true visionary. Schnider is the fuel behind the new formed create spaces, and he is a residence of the north fort. He hopes to make his neighborhood versatile and robust creatively. He wants to see growth and change but also showcase the diversity that lives here. Fort Collins needs to pull out the diverse nations that live here and allow them to shine. We easily have 98 nationalities that live here but often they go unnoticed.

Fort Collins is a creative town bustling with artist and musicians. Public initiatives foster pianos about town, independent collaborations, art in public places, and live music on every corner as well as the newly developed Music District envisioned by Bohemian Nights, the New West Fest, the expansion of the old town square, and city streets. Just this year Fort Collins was awarded a formal “Creative District.”

There are areas of town that don’t quite fit in, yet they have existed as long as the town has. These areas may be forgotten, or that quickly may be swallowed up by gentrification of this cool, eclectic community. If not given the opportunity to shine creatively.

The City of Fort Collins has funding to support initiatives like this and even a pilot program that will highlight individual neighborhoods. They see great value in the small community hubs around town and want to be a financial resource for building the arts and creativity in Fort Collins.

This initiative will be a revitalization for the North Fort and provide new opportunities and new career paths. The arts are important to the community. This program can shed light on how creative arts can be very lucrative financially for individuals if given the right tools needed for success.

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