Q&A with Noah Gundersen

Q&A with Noah Gundersen


Noah Gundersen can’t pin point the exact moment he fell in love with music, but it has always been a part of him. On the release of his sixth album, White Noise, the evolution of his sound is quite prominent. Noah plays the Armory in Fort Collins presented by the Colorado Sound. Saturday October 7, 2017 Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Noah shares that, “Music has always been around. My dad made music. I would sit on the piano bench with him and hammer out little melodies, or I would watch him record on his 8-track in the garage. It’s hard to pin point a beginning for a thing that has felt so eternal and intrinsic to my existence.”

The echoes of his passions reveal through the melodies. There is an airy yet complete notation within the songs. Noah explains the process of writing a song, “Often it starts with space. Giving myself space, staring off into space. Sometimes it comes in a flash, and I’m just trying to keep up. Other times it’s like dragging a mule through the mud.”


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Past albums had a true singer-songwriter feel with acoustic rhythms focused on faith, death, and past relationships, success, failed relationships, religion, and sexuality. The state of affiars in the world today have more pressing ideals. The new release, White Noise, devels into the current issues. Noah talks about the release, “It seems all that’s left is politics. And anxiety. And the confusion of living in a digital world. What’s real anymore? How do we even hear ourselves think over all the noise?”
Even at the present times, it is hard to write about the past or lingering feelings. Noah talks about where the songs come from, “I can only speak from the place where I am now. Even memories or past thoughts are filtered through my present experience. So everything I wrote came from where I was when I wrote it.”

Devoted fans are discussing the new sound, on the albums first two released songs. It is not a new sound, per say, just a new level in his musical progression and growth. Noah devotedly spoke about this,”I only have roots in music. I’m doing my best to stay true to those.”


As for the album, it was produced in his home town,“We made the record in Seattle, mostly at our loft space in Ballard called The Baitshop. It took almost a year.”


Noah has a  love for many cities, “I think favorites are reductive. I love New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Chicago, Toronto, Austin. Wherever there is good food and wherever my friends are.”


Check him out in a city nearby.

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