Robin Lewis’ Slow Fade in the Deep Blue Water

Robin Lewis’ Slow Fade in the Deep Blue Water

Robin Lewis’ sweet spirit was born in Northern Colorado. She took a bit of a sojourn to Asheville, N.C., where she found some roots, some pain, and recorded three singles with Patrick Doyle. Doyle is a Los Angeles / Asheville-based producer, composer, and engineer with some premiere projects, including the recording engineer for Jennifer Lopez. Robin met Doyle at a party, and they connected over music, then these three songs blossomed: First, Deep Blue Water, dropped last fall, Slow Fade is out today on all streaming platforms.

Robin explains Deep Blue Water was born from a painful experience, “It is about transformation, healing, and taking the shit that life throws at us to find the gift in it. How will it help you grow and evolve? How will it help you expand as a person? What is the gift in that fucked up situation?” Robin has a sultry, smooth, polished sound. When you hear her voice, it captivates you and draws you in just to get a little more. Robin has an intriguing, unique sound that is both powerful and soft at the same time.

Robin Lewis in Fort Collins. Image by Cynthia Reaves

Robin wrote three very prophetic songs in those Blue Ridge Mountains. The things she was feeling and dealing with internally were very much premonitions of what would happen in the world the following year, the year that just passed. The second single, Slow Fade, is to be released. But this song’s themes are so relatable and relevant to all of humanity. 

Before the pandemic, the song came to Robin about the pressure of life’s constant busyness and the need to slow down. Her thoughts then were, “things are crazy. We gotta slow down. We have to slow down, and people need to take a second to sit in their houses and just be alone and just breathe. The world is moving too fast, like a train off the tracks, and we’re going to hit a brick wall.” Slow Fade was the way she saw it. Like the slow fade at the end of a song. “When you feel your feet on the ground, and you can feel your heart open. It’s this like a grounded, expansive feeling.” And a slow fade we did have.

Robin Lewis in Fort Collins. Image by Cynthia Reaves

Robin is also a visual artist with a degree from Colorado State University in graphic design. Robin divided her energy across design, metalsmithing, and oil painting, until one day she committed wholly to making music and devoted her energy entirely to her career in the music industry.

After that shift of perspective and a battle with a terrible relationship, she moved back to Colorado. “Getting out of this toxic relationship, I just found like a deeper sense of strength and a deeper sense of purpose and mission. It’s almost like if you walk through hell, then nothing scares you,” Robin says. “When something shifts in you, the universe shifts around you. It was very much like that, such a big shift in me. And then my entire world just started shifting and all these opportunities and people showing up,” Robin says. “It was like went from being one of the hardest times in my life to one of the best times in my life, in a drastic matter of what felt like days though, it was months.”

Robin is very spiritual and weaves that into her songwriting. She says her favorites songs are the ones that come to her like lightning. Robin tries to get down as much as she can at the moment the inspiration comes. During the pandemic, she has sat with herself, inspired or not, every day. She says you just have to keep showing up for it. “[Inspiration] comes to me in all different ways, but it usually starts with the voice and poetry.”

After Robin releases her three singles, she plans to re-release her freshman album, Earth and Sky, from 2017. It was her first album, but she has a new vision for it.  Robin wants to form a full band and go beyond solo-singer-songwriter. 

“I wanted things to slow down, and I was feeling a need for it. I was feeling a need to take a break from playing gigs. And I would never say that I’m happy that we’re in a pandemic by any means. And there’s a lot that’s really hard, but I’ve been fairly productive and creative throughout it.”

Visit her website to learn more and listen to Robin Lewis.

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