LVDY Releases single to Comfort Friend

LVDY Releases single to Comfort Friend

Let’s talk about the new single, “Gold.

“Thank you! Yes, “Gold” is the title track to our album. We just released it as a single on March 8th, International Women’s Day, prior to our full album release in April. We wrote the song together for one of our best friends who was in a dark depression. “Gold” is about the beauty and strength we see in her. Even when she can’t see it, we do. It’s our way of telling her that she is worthy, loved, appreciated, and GOLD. This song is one that reaches out and tugs on the heartstrings of every person who hears it. It’s hands-down the most heart-centered, raw song that people connect to. Whether someone is experiencing hardships, depression, feeling lost or alone, or they know someone who is feeling this way, Gold speaks to them.”

What about the album release? And how do you feel about selling so many shows out for it?

“Yes! We are thrilled to be releasing our first full-length album on April 16th. We are blown away that all 4 shows (over 2 nights) sold out so quickly. We’ve been singing these songs for 2 years now, and it feels like a blessing to finally get to share them in this way. It’s also a testament that people are craving live music and a safe space for connection again.”

What is your hope for moving back into live shows?

“Our hope is that our music can provide a feeling of connection and joy after what was definitely the weirdest year for all of us. We will never take live music for granted again. It was such an integral part of our start – playing on street corners and living rooms and venues big and small – and there’s nothing quite like the energy of a live audience. To us, it’s our most intimate and important way of creating community and a chance for building relationships.”

You have played in some unique venues and locations all over the globe; what is your favorite?

“We feel overjoyed that we’ve had the opportunity to share our music in so many funky and unique spots! Some of our favorites include the Transfer Warehouse & Main Street of Telluride, CO. We had an epic view of the Box Canyon…hands down one of the best stage views we’ve had! We also loved playing at the Summit Denver, opening for LEON. We believe that the day we play Red Rocks, these will all change. ;)”

Did Fritz Friday lead to some success for you? Who thought of that, and do you think you will continue it later?

“Fitz, Aubrey’s trusty and beautifully converted van, has to be one the greatest pieces to the start of LVDY. He started as Aubrey’s vision as a travel companion and turned into our tour vehicle, the location for every “Fitz Cover Friday” – an idea we came up with where we sing a cover song somewhere in the van, and most importantly, our friend. 🙂 We hope he will be a part of our future, although it’s taken a bit of a hiatus because we don’t live together anymore!”

What is your creative process when you write music together? Every song is a little different when it comes to the creative process. There has been a bit of consistency for a few songs where Aubrey comes up with a riff on the guitar and asks Kathleen what she hears. Kathleen will usually come up with a melody or mumble of words and see where it goes from there. Sometimes we have a story or a theme we want to write about or a melody that’s been stuck in our heads. Our process is typically how we’re feeling in those moments of creativity.

You have a phenomenal video for this song. Who produced the video? What was the process and inspiration behind it?

Thank you so much! Our dear friend Emily Skeels (@skeelscreative) recorded, produced, and edited the video for us. She’s created previous smaller/shorter promo videos for us in the past, and we’re always impressed with her creativity and openness. This was her first full music video (we’re amazed, too), and we absolutely love how it turned out. Because the song was written about Sydney, we asked her to be the star and with beautiful courage, she said, ‘Yes’! We worked with Emily, Sydney, and our friend and stylist, Jessie Bender, to come up with the concepts, mood boards, and wardrobe for the vision. The inspiration was connected to Sydney’s authentic, raw emotions, tied to her journey with depression and healing.

How did you two meet? Who were you to one another before LVDY? When did you decide to start the group?

“We met in New Zealand in 2012 when we were both studying abroad in college. The friendship was instant, especially when we realized we both had the same karaoke song (“Shoop” by Salt N Pepa). We traveled around the country together and stayed friends as we returned home to the States. Six years later, in 2018, Aubrey moved to Denver, where Kat was living, and Aubrey moved into Kat’s basement. Cue: Fitz! As she was building out her van, we started playing music together in the kitchen of our house and in our friend’s living rooms. In the summer of 2018, LVDY was born. We believe one of the main pieces of our success is our long-lasting, deep-rooted friendship.”

You are back in the studio this week. Where do you record? What is your recording process, and what can you expect out of the new music?

“Our recording process has looked different every time! We recorded our first song, a cover of Cobi’s “Don’t You Cry For Me,” with our friend Taylor Hahn in his studio. We recorded our first EP in our friend Reed Krafft’s closet, standing on a skateboard, and our first full-length album with producer Loren Dorland in a beautiful studio in Denver called Mighty Fine Productions. We’re hoping to create a home studio in a cabin in the woods coming up here soon to get yet another vibe, something natural and different.”

“People can expect the same uplifting LVDY vibes and music that pairs well with sunny afternoons while the windows are rolled down. We’re hoping for a natural sound, with honest lyrics and reminding people we’re in this thing called life together.”

What is your silver lining from the past year?

“Our silver lining for both of us is time to slow down and build a partnership with our now fiances! While it was incredibly hard to be separated and now living in different places, we are doing our best to stay connected and creative while a new phase of music presents itself to us and the collective.”

Many people are curious about the spelling of LVDY!

“As the band name ideas were beginning to flow, we considered LadyMob, which was the name of a group of powerhouse women in our community. We loved the first part, LADY, then flipped the A into a V – a historical symbol for womanhood. As two LVDIES who speak often about female empowerment and connection to the feminine, this name stuck and has become a symbol for love, community, and presence. We also love pizza (see V as a pizza slice), and we think it looks cool. Our friends and fans are called the LVDYMOB.”

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