Siachitema Mission and orphanage

Siachitema Mission and orphanage

A photo essay of Siachitema Mission from July 5, 2017

In 1938 Claudia, known as Claudie by family and friends, set sail for Africa after many years of study and praying. She wasn’t sponsored as a missionary; she just felt called to go. Claudie opened Siachitema Mission and orphanage where she fed, clothed and educated many children without families.

Claudie adopted 18 children in her lifetime including David who was left abandoned on her doorstep. David remains the caretaker of Siachitema Mission since Claudie’s passing in 1984 at 100 years old. David continues his mother’s mission with little funding but relies on God to provide as his mother did.

I visited in 2017 while biking across Zambia with Chooda.

“Our Grandmother should be recognized for bringing the good education, the Word of God, to our land and most important for raising our mothers and fathers who are now holding high and important jobs and positions in the Government. Let us follow our grandmother’s footsteps, especially loving one another because, during her 54 years from 1930 to 1984 she had no segregation or discrimination of a black, yellow and white person, she loves all under God’s creation as one. In the 1930s it was hard and difficult for a single white lady without the support of a mission board who was only depending on overseas family support to walk on foot in Bbililli area where Tsetse flies that were dangerous to human life, giving health care, educating people and spreading the word of God. And we are told that our present Chief Siachitema is one of her former students,” Words given by her granddaughter, Christabel Peyton, David’s daughter, at CLAUDIE PEYTON MEMORIAL SERVICE SPEECH, SIACHITEMA MISSION GRAVE, ZAMBIA, AFRICA. SUNDAY, APRIL2, 2017.

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